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I wanted to give you some customer feedback regarding my purchase of a 1939 MOSIN NAGANT through GunBroker.com, recently.
First of all, the bidding process was straightforward and easy, and after checking on the positive feedback they received, I bid in confidence.  That was a good experience for me as a first time buyer.
The best part though was working with your company and all of the excellent communication you provided.  The tracking information from UPS was very accurate and useful.  In fact, I knew "the store guy" had signed for the Mosin's delivery and I was at his counter in the store 60 minutes later.  He was just getting ready to call me when I arrived.
Together we unboxed the shipment and did the registration/transfer.  That went easily.  I was a bit nervous when I found the box had already been opened before I got there, but I found the cleaning kit, sling, ammo pouch, the bayonet and the Mosin all wrapped well and in great shape.  I assume the the oil can was not part of the deal, and have since picked up a good one on eBay.
Then over the weekend, I took the Mosin completely apart and cleaned all of the cosmolene off everything.  What a beautiful rifle!  I was unexpectedly surprised to find that the numbers all matched, and that the condition of the working parts and the gun stock were top notch. WOW.  I did some internet searching and discovered quite a bit about "IZZYs" and the fact that the gun had been issued from an arsenal in the Ukraine. Nice, clear markings. I was able to pick up three boxes of 15 rnds of 7.62-54R ammo from the place and am looking forward to getting to the firing range.  The firing pin was set at the perfect size, and the bore was clean had very definite rifling. Fantastic.
Anyway, thought I would let you know that it was a great deal/experience for me, and that I have been "talkin your place up" amongst friends out here in Washington.  Thanks a lot!
-A Customer In Washington
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